Simultaneous checkweighing in up to 16 lanes – easy to integrate, easy to control - METTLER TOLEDO

Simultaneous checkweighing in up to 16 lanes – easy to integrate, easy to control

METTLER TOLEDO offers multi-lane checkweighers or multi-track weighframes with up to 16 independent lanes and a maximum throughput of more than 1000 pieces per minute. 

Reduce your production bottlenecks

To save investment costs, manufacturers often choose a line combiner solution in order to weigh the products coming from several production lines with a single checkweigher. This solution, however, could easily become a bottleneck and slow down production. Insufficient spacing between products is another issue inherent to such solutions.

Whereas a multi-lane system simply integrates into the different production lines – without slowing them down!

Each additional lane allows for a much higher throughput than a standard single lane checkweigher. With no need for costly infeed timing systems and a general narrow conveyor pitch, valuable production space is saved. Space which could be used for installing additional systems like metal detectors.

Access all lanes with a central interface

All lanes are managed by a single interface for data capture and separate statistics for each production line, as well as composite totals. From this central weighing terminal the operator can switch over from information about a lane to that of another one; just as easily he can perform a product changeover for a certain lane – this saves time and work. Both weighing terminal and control cabinet can be remotely located to increase layout options.

Get specific custom features

With a multi-lane checkweigher you can be sure to get all your familar features. Easy belt change and product changeover, feedback control to optimise filler heads, multi-evaluation, different sorting options and metal detectors - to name just a few.

Increase uptime

In a multi-lane system all lines are working independently from each other. There is an optional possibility of an intermittent multilane operation where the system is triggered by a pulse (clock) to carry out a weighing. Moreover, process safety can be increased: even if a production line fails, the others can continue working – no need to stop the whole production process. Other machines in the production line dependent of the failing line will be automatically notified. Less downtime means a more productive and profitable operation.

Perfect for your product segment

Multi-line checkweighers are compatible with a broad range of products and packaging sizes. Examples of products our customers successfully weigh in multiple lanes are bagged sugars, chocolate bars, candy, pharmaceutical tubes and bags, cheese and raw meats, pasta in bags, food and non-food products in tubes and many more. 

Benefit in five areas from multi-lane checkweighers

A multi-lane solution can enable manufacturers to achieve a higher overall equipment effectiveness. More specifically, it can provide benefits in five key areas:

  • Easy to integrate, easy to control
  • Higher line rates
  • Better cost control
  • Better use of production space
  • More uptime




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