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Accurate Weighing of Gold Bullion Made Easy

Precious products, such as gold bullion, require a highly accurate balance to ensure correct weight measurements. However, high capacity balances don’t always offer high readability. Our Comparator Balances provide high weighing performance and fast settling times with readability from 1 mg, making them ideal for refinery conditions.
Precious metal refineries check-weigh all incoming gold and silver bullion to determine the exact delivery weight. Following inspection, the bullion undergoes further analysis and refining processes. Before the refined bullion is dispatched from the refinery, the weight is carefully checked to ensure the specified tolerances have not been exceeded.

High Readability
METTLER TOLEDO’s XP-L Comparator Balances offer the ideal solution for checking the weight of bullion both before and after the refining process. With a maximum capacity of up to 64 kg and readability from 1 to 5 mg, the comparators offer high weighing performance and fast settling times combined with a range of features designed to make the comparators easy to use.

Convenient Operation
The color touchscreen terminal is very convenient to use and the intuitive user interface makes balance operation easy. The terminal can be located away from the balance, which leaves the working area clear and allows the terminal to be mounted on a stand or on the wall in a position, which is easier to read. The unique LevelMatic weighing pan ensures that weight loads are placed in the center of the pan to eliminate corner load variation. Smooth corners and flat surfaces make the comparators very easy to clean.

Connectivity Options
With a range of different connectivity options, such as Ethernet and Bluetooth, the comparators are easily integrated with customers’ existing data management systems. Peripheral devices, such as foot switches, printers or sensors for hands free operation are also easily connected to create a truly ergonomic working environment.

Easy Applications
The Comparator Balances can be connected to METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX software , which provides full user guidance directly on the balance for customer-specific applications, automatic data handling capabilities and secure and fully traceable results.

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