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Stay Ahead of the Vehicle-Weighing Game

Your cell phone, wardrobe, washing machine. What do these all have in common? Every once in awhile, they need to be updated to provide you with more value. Your truck scale is no different—and the upgrade will likely save you money.

For any business, a key indicator of success is efficiency – performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. Does your truck scale management software meet these standards?


Weighbridge upgrade
Weighbridge upgrade
Stay Ahead of the Vehicle-Weighing Game
Weighbridge upgrade

With the ever-evolving world of technology, the next best thing is always just around the corner. How do you keep up? When should you go beyond simply replacing what you have and upgrade to something better? As innovation experts on vehicle scale technology, METTLER TOLEDO is here to help.  

Making the switch from an analog to a digital load cell system may seem impossible. However, with POWERCELL® PDX® digital load cell technology, the decision to upgrade your truck scale system just got easier. Our digital load cell upgrade kits offer the following key benefits compared to analog:

Improved Reliability.
 By eliminating the need for junction boxes, which are the root cause of most problems in an analog system, your downtime from repair is minimal. Breach-detection technology and stainless-steel cables are just a few more features of our load-cell system that ensure your truck scale is always performing to its highest potential.

Enhanced Accuracy. 
How accurate is accurate enough for your business? Elements such as temperature fluctuation and signal interference can create bigger inaccuracies in your analog load-cell system than you might think. At an inaccuracy of +/- 300 pounds per load, product and profit losses can add up quick. POWERCELL load cells are self-adjusting, which means they compensate for a number of external factors that can affect weighing certainty.

10-Year Warranty. 
When looking at the warranty on your load-cell system, it’s important to pay attention to labor and travel costs. If not covered appropriately, your service costs can skyrocket. Our quality load-cell design is mirrored by our quality service coverage, giving you added confidence in your truck scale.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Beyond the initial purchase, the load cell system is the highest contributor to the ongoing costs of owning a truck scale.Through improved reliability, enhanced accuracy and an extensive warranty over traditional analog systems, POWERCELL PDX digital load cells will reduce your maintenance costs over the life of the scale.

Don't fall behind the technology curve. Upgrade to POWERCELL PDX and extend the life of your vehicle scale.