Clean-in-Place Control with UniCond® Conductivity Sensors - METTLER TOLEDO

Clean-in-Place Control with UniCond® Conductivity Sensors

Digital UniCond conductivity sensors are characterized by their extremely wide rangeability and accurate calibration. The new, digital, four-electrode, UniCond conductivity sensors measure up to 1,000,000 μS / cm for clean-in-place and other chemical concentration measurements.

Process compatibility
CIP and other process applications often require compact, in-line sensors for con­centration control. UniCond® conductivity sensors are offered with Tri-Clamp® and NPT process connections and FDA-com­pliant USP < 88 > Class VI PEEK polymer, with ratings to 140 °C for full process compatibility.

Accurate calibration
With conventional conductivity instru­mentation, verification and calibration involve the sensor, the cable, and the measuring instrument. Each of these can contribute error to the measurement and so they must be calibrated together as a system, in situ.

Now, with the new UniCond 4-E sensors, the measuring circuit, analog-to-digital conversion, and full sensor data including calibration memory are all contained within the sensor body. No error is intro­duced by the digital cable or instrument. For periodic calibration or verification, the sensor can be removed and recalibrated remotely or it can be calibrated in place; either way, full accuracy is achieved.

Get our complimentary white paper on easy sensor calibration.

For processes involving chemical concentration measurements, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton provides the most advanced and convenient solution.

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