Press Release| Florida Product Inspection Testing Program

Press Release: Application Center Provides Product Testing

Product Inspection Application Center Provides Testing of Customer Product Prior to Final Purchase

The applications test center at the METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection facility in Lutz, Florida is outfitted with a wide range of the company’s inspection equipment, including metal detectors, checkweighers, vision andx-ray inspection systems, and serialization systems. The center's primary purpose is to enable companies considering adding new inspection systems to their operations to test-run their own products on METTLER TOLEDO systems to ensure they are choosing the correct systems to get the results they need.

This free program allows manufacturers to send their product samples to the center and receive a full testing report within two to four days that details attainable inspection accuracy, performance, and detection sensitivity. Manufacturers are welcome to attend, and can elect to participate virtually which is especially advantageous during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Testing can include running multiple products on a closed loop to simulate production line performance. As part of their R&D program, companies can also use the test center capabilities to try out new products they are considering introducing. One special capability available at the center is METTLER TOLEDO’s X3750 glass-in-glass inspection system, which can detect glass contaminants even in hard-to-inspect glass container thick, curved bases. Another unique capability of the center is the use of 3D printing to help create special fixtures to optimize inspections when doing vision inspection evaluations.

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