Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Johselyn Casillas | Product Inspection

Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Johselyn Casillas

Johselyn Casillas, Applications Center Manager at METTLER TOLEDO US reflects on her career so far

We are all shaped by our parents and our upbringing to some extent, but to Johselyn Casillas, Applications Centre Manager at METTLER TOLEDO US in Lutz, Florida, the influence runs deep. In fact, she credits her mother and father as her key role models in how she has approached life and her career.

She explains: “My mom is from Panama. To me, she was the best, most hard working, artistic, talented but humble seamstress in Puerto Rico where I grew up. She taught me to aim to be the best in anything I did. She is the definition of service and humbleness. My dad, Army retired, was my hero. He showed me how to give openly to those in need, even if you were down to your last dollar. These values are my foundation and will be with me for ever.”

These values of humbleness and generosity of spirit are evident in her choice of career, and in her ambitions for where that career will take her. In joining METTLER TOLEDO US, she was inspired, she says, by “making a difference that can protect others while they enjoy the products they consume,” referring to the ability of product inspection systems to prevent harm or even threat to life by people consuming foreign contaminants. Her dream, she says, is to create a world class App Centre that inspires divisions throughout METTLER TOLEDO PRODUCT INSPECTION to strive to be the best.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Johselyn, who says she has faced barriers in the industry, when trying to implement change in those who are set in their ways. “Being a female in this industry can be difficult but not impossible,” she says. “It takes double the effort to prove yourself to others, especially when you are young. Once you do prove yourself, you do earn their respect and that is awesome.”

But she keeps a positive outlook on things, guided, no doubt, by the teachings of her parents. In turn, they would surely be proud to hear her articulate her philosophy for success: “Always follow your dreams,” says Johselyn, “and surround yourself with empowered, positive people that will constantly push you to do your best and continue growing in life.”

Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Johselyn Casillas
Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Johselyn Casillas

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