Take an Interactive Tour of a Track & Trace Program

Take an Interactive Tour of a Track & Trace Program

An overview of a Track & Trace program using METTLER TOLEDO serialization and aggregation technology

Seeing the Track & Trace process in action is the best way to understand the way in which it functions. But gaining access to a production site with a Track & Trace program implemented is a challenge. METTLER TOLEDO, with the support of  R-Pharm Germany, has produced an interactive video which allows users to take a virtual tour through a pharmaceutical packaging facility and its serialization and aggregation processes.

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The interactive video allows users to select from three packaging lines, each performing serialization at various package levels. From this line view, users can select the various machines involved in the process to learn more about how they function and what role they play in the larger Track & Trace process.

The video also includes an overview of the warehouse area, where packages are aggregated together and palletized ready for distribution. Users can get a complete view of how easily Track & Trace systems integrate into the production process, along with the precise METTLER TOLEDO technology that forms the foundation of a Track & Trace program.

We are very pleased to offer this free of charge interactive tour showing the precise mechanics of the Track & Trace process.


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