Maximizing Production Line Uptime with METTLER TOLEDO

Maximizing Production Line Uptime with METTLER TOLEDO

Product Inspection equipment to secure product quality and avoid costly line stoppages

Kuchenmeister GmbH has been around for 130 years and for over 20 years, they have relied on METTLER TOLEDO product inspection solutions to maintain production line uptime. A checkweigher from METTLER TOLEDO has been running on their production line for over twenty years. The secret to the checkweigher's long life – and the long lives of the other equipment running on the line is simple: First class Service

In a new case study, we go into the particulars of the long relationship between Kuchenmeister and METTLER TOLEDO, including their observations on the differences between product inspection equipment's evolution over the last two decades and why they have chosen to stick with METTLER TOLEDO as their partner. Combined with the service offerings, including Comprehensive Care service and operator training, Kuchenmeister is able to maximize production uptime.

Thanks to the comprehensive Product Inspection offerings from METTLER TOLEDO, Kuchenmeister knows they can get all their systems, service, parts and training from a single point of contact, something that has greatly simplified the process of researching and obtaining new equipment as advances in technology and design warrant. Most recently, for example, Kuchenmeisterinstalled a combination checkweigher and metal detection unit on their production line. The system saves a significant amount of space on their production line and provides easy-to-understand production data that can be used to further refine the production process. 

Click below to download our new Kuchenmeister case study and learn how their partnership with METTLER TOLEDO has lasted 20 yeears. 

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