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What to Look for When Purchasing a Truck Scale

Are you considering purchasing a truck scale or upgrading a current scale? A few simple tips can help you to be confident in your decision and avoid buyer's remorse.

Be confident in your truck scale purchase
Be confident in your truck scale purchase

What to Look for When Purchasing a Truck Scale
Be confident in your truck scale purchase

Purchasing a truck scale is no simple task. There are lots of options to consider as different companies throw an abundance of information at you. The truth is, all truck scales will function relatively the same within the first few years of purchase. Whether you pick the cheapest or the most expensive – for the most part they will work the same in the beginning.


As a smart buyer, you want to look into the future of your truck scale. What will the total cost of ownership be over 20 years? Here are some things to consider that drastically affect the true cost of your scale:

  1. Accuracy
    Your truck scale acts as a cash register for your business. Would you be OK with customers shorting you a few dollars at checkout on every purchase? With an inaccurate scale, this would be the case. Don’t fall for marketing that only touts NTEP or OIML certificates; these systems allow for a degree of error that will have you giving your product away by the truck load. Ask for accuracy data, and if they cannot provide it – cross that company off your list.
  2. Reliability
    As discussed above, most truck scales will function about the same for the first few years. However, parts begin to fail with time – with failing parts comes costly downtime and service charges. Every day that your truck scale is down, you are losing out on business. Make sure that reliability and uptime are on your list of questions to ask when purchasing a truck scale.
  3. Warranty
    When purchasing a product that should last you 20+ years, the warranty is a very important aspect to consider. With a warranty that has very minimal coverage, you could end up spending more on repair costs over the life of the scale than you originally paid for the scale. This is especially true for companies that have low reliability or high failure rate for their load cells. Even if only one or two load cells fail per year, that adds up to thousands of dollars over time.


As an educated buyer, you can be more confident in your truck scale purchase and avoid pricey headaches in the future.

Luckily, there is one company that excels in all of these requirements. METTLER TOLEDO truck scales with POWERCELL® PDX® offer industry leading accuracy and reliability, and now an industry leading warranty. With the 10 Year POWERCELL® PDX® Warranty, you can be confident in your truck scale purchase.