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Simplify Work

Managing complexity is a top priority for machine builders, integrators, and operators. Our digitized, easily integrated solutions can help your business gain the competitive edge it needs to perform at its best. 

Go Digital

As an early adopter of smart automation, we are reshaping the world of weighing by delivering technology and services that reduce complexity to simplify and accelerate tasks. When implemented in the design phase of large EPC projects or production lines, smart weighing solutions significantly reduce cost and speed up processes by enabling quick connectivity to the most common PLCs. You gain precise weighing, remote diagnostics and easier maintenance from a convenient web interface, which can also enhance operator safety.

Push Performance Limits

As your trusted global weighing supplier, METTLER TOLEDO understands what you need for success—from initial project design, procurement and construction to commissioning and handover of deliverables. Therefore, no matter what stage your project is in, you can rely on expert consultation, a free engineering documentation library and end-to-end support from local, accessible sales and service experts.

Based on global industry standards, our broad portfolio of high-precision analog and smart sensors support a wide range of weighing capacities. Accurate weight data is transmitted at very high speeds through the most common automation networks such as EtherNet/IP, ProfiBus DP, ProfiNet or Modbus RTU. 

Simplify Connectivity

Our smart weighing components and step-by-step engineering support streamline system installation giving you the freedom to focus on elements unique to your projects. To support your integration needs, function blocks, GSDML files, device description files and sample code are provided at no extra cost—enabling PLC/DCS connectivity in just 5 minutes.

Long-term equipment maintenance is also made easy with smart sensor technology, which enables remote condition monitoring and Smart5™ alarming to ensure your system is performing as expected and lets you react quickly if issues arise.

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