IND360 Automation Indicators Integrate Weighing: METTLER TOLEDO
Smart Integration

IND360 boosts machine performance and reduces commissioning time

The IND360 compact automation indicator from METTLER TOLEDO helps you to connect all weighing technologies across a broad range of capacities and applications. It can boost machine performance and reduce the commissioning time on every installation by: 

Reducing your total time commitment
Not requiring substantial technical expertise! It's super simple
Eliminating unpredictible expenses

In fact, you can quickly connect and communicate to a PLC in just five minutes with IND360, saving you time and money on each project. PLC or DCS integration has never been simpler because the device description files, drivers, and sample code are provided at no cost. Additionally, the IND360’s convenient web interface facilitates simple configuration and enables remote troubleshooting from anywhere in the world. Access diagnostic and maintenance information remotely for initial support without compromising on system security.

IND360 supports all weighing capacities

Choose the right weighing technology for your application and efficiently design customized solutions for all capacity, accuracy, and application requirements with IND360. The IND360 supports weighing capacities from 1 microgram up to 1,000 tons, always providing excellent accuracy and industry-leading processing speed in applications such as tank weighing, filling, dosing and simple weighing.

IND360 supports these three main technologies:

  • Typical analog strain-gauge technology, which can do the job for many industrial applications where condition monitoring is not required.
  • POWERCELL® smart sensors, which are two-to-three times more accurate than typical industrial load cells due to their built-in microprocessors.
  • Smart precision sensors and scales, which provide the highest resolution with excellent linearity and repeatability.

Visit the product page to see the different IND360 variants and benefit from full flexibility in your next project:


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