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Chemical manufacturers are increasingly looking at ways to automate their workflows. Benefits of this automation include avoiding errors that impact production quality and easy collection of data to ensure process traceability. 

Transparency of raw materials used in specific production batches, monitoring of amounts of materials and linking production quality to the production process are just some of the reasons to consider integrating your scales into an IT system. Robust METTLER TOLEDO technology and consulting can help you to ensure that such upgrades in classified hazardous areas are cost-effective and meet necessary standards and regulations from day one.

The three keys to an effective weighing integration and efficient ongoing processing in your hazardous areas are:   

Design Flexibility
Design Flexibility

1.     Design Flexibility

The IND256x terminal combines both mobility and safety for accurate, traceable weighing in Ex production areas. With a built-in wireless option and integrated power supply (ATEX and IEC/IECEx only) or external battery, IND256x can enable both fixed and mobile workstations. With wired or wireless data connectivity to IT systems such as MES systems or data collection software, IND256x offers you new freedom in configuring and connecting your weighing operations.

The Right Set-Up
The Right Set-Up

2.  Traceability and Formulation Control

When IND256x is combined with a recipe management software such as FormWeigh.Netformulation steps are documented according to traceability requirements from regulatory authorities to help ensure accuracy and safety. FormWeigh.Net offers step-by-step guidance with prompts that let you know that each step is carried out as intended while also avoiding cumbersome paper records. Production managers have a real-time documented and traceable overview of their process that helps them to improve productivity and assure high-quality output

3.   The Right Set-Up

Our pre-sales consulting service starts with evaluating your needs to help you design the right set-up for your process while working to ensure necessary safety. METTLER TOLEDO offers you global, well-trained service support for smooth implementation of both mobile and fixed weighing stations with networked software solutions for use in safe and hazardous areas.

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