RapidCal™ calibration enables highest compliance : METTLER TOLEDO
Easy Tank Calibration

Here are the 3 ways that implementing RapidCal can help. With RapidCal, you can:

1. Reduce testing costs

A factory acceptance test can be a big part of calculated costs if relying on time consuming and expensive calibration methods. RapidCal™ can be executed 3X faster than other methods, saving time and money while ensuring compliance. You can perform full capacity calibration using RapidCal on tanks up to 32 tons.

2. Minimize downtime

Clients working in regulated industries want to reduce routine maintenance costs, eliminate complexity and comply with industry and quality regulations. Enabling RapidCal™ and the time-savings it produces gives you a competitive edge and the ability to eliminate downtime.

3. Simplify integration

Handling a variety of different tank designs can be a challenge. Lean on METTLER TOLEDO expertise and benefit from step-by-step guidance including technical drawings on every new project. Enable RapidCal™ for your tanks and choose METTLER TOLEDO as your partner for calibration execution.

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