Improve your processes with lean weighing from METTLER TOLEDO
Accurate fast checks
Learn more with the lean manufacturing brochure which highlights production wastes in detail and shows how smart weighing solutions can help you avoid them.
Accurate fast checks
Accurate fast checks

How weighing helps you become more lean

Eliminating waste is the core aim in lean manufacturing. Weighing devices are perfect tools for manufacturers to use at process points where waste typically occurs to increase overall process and product quality, achieve more punctual deliveries and significantly reduce stock inventories.

The following examples will give you an overview of how you can make use of weighing equipment to solve problems in your process and save time and money.

Reduce inefficient inventories

Manufacturers need to know what they have in stock. Production space is limited and modern lean systems do not allow stock buildup. Make use of a counting solution and attach label printers to the weighing station in your inventory area, then create an ERP entry or identify the batch in the warehouse with labels for a complete picture of your current stock levels. The data collection software Collect+™ can give you an automated, real-time production overview for process monitoring.

Eliminate incomplete deliveries

Shipping packages with too few or many parts is one of the most common challenges for manufacturers. Itleads to rework, time constraints and increased costs. Scales can help you manage shipments according to your specific needs. Simply check your packages for completeness before shipment or determine the total weight of a box and let the scale indicate to the operator when a target weight is reached.

Accurate fast checks
Accurate fast checks

Detect product faults

The challenge of quality control is to maintain consistent product quality under time pressure. Scales are a versatile option to check a wide range of products. By checking weight deviations, single-parts control can be executed regardless of product shape, size or weight. Control the length of cables, the completeness of assemblies or the amount of lubricant with METTLER TOLEDO compact scales.

Avoid errors with user-prompts

Human errors are one of the biggest sources of production errors. Bad lighting, shift work or poor concentration can lead to operator mistakes. METTLER TOLEDO scales are easy and safe to use to heighten output quality. Easily set scale user profiles and avoid false settting changes. Scales can also prompt the operator step-by-step and use color coding with colorWeight® to provide easily readable information as to whether or not the weight is within the tolerance limit.

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