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Get Real-Time Predictive Maintenance Today

Would you know if your tank-scale performance was off—before it started costing you money? With our new weight transmitter, you can get easy, real-time load-cell condition monitoring without having to transfer data or worry about security.


Better Tank Uptime
Better Tank Uptime
Get Real-Time Predictive Maintenance Today
Better Tank Uptime

Many potential users may incorrectly believe predictive maintenance is tied to complex big-data processing in a cloud outside their company. If you are one of them, know that easy, real-time predictive maintenance can start saving you materials and money today.

We offer weighing technology that includes predictive maintenance inside the equipment without sending any data outside your company. Predictive algorithms have been designed by our weighing experts who know nearly every potential error from long experience and practice.

This robust prediction functionality is operational from day one. It is not based on results from your past equipment breakdowns. In other words, you do not need to have a breakdown to predict it in the future!

Prediction for automation systems

The ACT350 POWERCELL® weight transmitter is designed for installation in control cabinets. It ensures very fast data exchange with PLC systems and easy installation into automation systems.

ACT350 POWERCELL offers:

  • Condition monitoring of POWERCELL® load cells for predictive maintenance
  • 600 filtered-weight values per second to the PLC system
  • Display and keyboard for weight display and configuration
  • Legal-for-trade accuracy of 6,000e OIML and 5,000d NTEP
  • PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP and Profibus DP connectivity
  • Dual-port PLC connectivity to eliminate the need for an Ethernet switch
  • Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) standard for PROFINET IO
  • Device Level Ring (DLR) standard for EtherNet/IP

Versatile and more reliable

The ACT350 POWERCELL can be used with digital PowerMount™ and PinMount™ weigh modules from 220 kilograms up 90 tons for tanks and vessel scales as well as in PowerDeck floor scales from 300 kilograms to 12,000 kilograms.

With POWERCELL, load cells are connected in a daisy-chain network with plug-and-play connectors. This eliminates junction boxes, a well-known source of failure in weighing systems. The entire system design supports the replacement of load cells and cables without labor-intensive recalibration for significant savings of time and effort.