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Innovations in Integrated Data Management

Data managementThe latest compact scales do more than just weigh and count; new database innovations allow them to store all article and transaction data. This advancement helps businesses make more informed decisions thanks to easy data analysis, better traceability and a variety of printing options.

State-of-the-art compact scales now allow users to access data quickly and simply while ensuring full process tracability for easy regulatory compliance. These scales are easy to install and operate and add more value to weighing and counting processes than ever

Simple and fast data handling
A scale-embedded or central (host) article database for up to 30,000 articles stores data, such as tare values, average piece weights or weight-tolerance values. Gain efficiency by connecting barcode scanners to automatically recall article information and directly start the weighing or counting process. Connect the scale to another IT system, such as SAP, or import/export article or transaction data with a USB memory stick, Ethernet or wireless communication.

Easy data analysis and full traceability
Configurable databases allow simple monitoring and analyzing of weighing data. Analyze and trace all counting results in a transaction memory including date, time and operator ID. Users can easily import or export data from the scale to Microsoft®  Excel for further analysis.

Efficient scale management
Instead of manually entering all the data on the scale, users easily set up and manage their database from their computer. To configure multiple scales, simply set the scale settings (user rights, soft keys, user prompting, etc.) on the computer and apply them via USB or Ethernet. Continuously monitor your processes by easily downloading weighing and counting data for statistical analysis.

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