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Next Generation FBRM® Technology - A Paradigm Shift in Resolution and Versatility

For over 20 years, Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM®) has been the technology of choice for real-time monitoring of particles and droplets as they naturally exist in process. Now FBRM® has been completely redesigned to make it faster and easier to get even more information out of every experiment.

Here is what is new in the FBRM® G400 and FBRM® G600:

High Resolution, Accurate Data

  • Software-based stuck particle correction improves data integrity, reduces errors and reduces lost experiments
  • Higher resolution signal processing delivers more accurate chord length distribution giving faster, more intuitive data analysis
  • Enhanced linear response improves sensitivity at low and increased concentrations

Hardware Improvements

  • Interchangeable probes can be used in a variety of locations, offering greater versatility at a lower cost
  • Ergonomic design enables faster, easier installations
  • Robust probe diameter reduces lifetime service costs
  • Hood stackable control boxes save space and eliminate the use of bulky carts outside the hood
  • Electric 19 mm probe enables easy set-up and eliminates the need for an air supply

Coupled with the next generation FBRM®, iC FBRM™ 4.2 software delivers key information to develop a strong understanding of the particle system dynamics to quickly identify and solve development and production issues.


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