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Three Steps to Simplify Balance Testing

Weighing equipment must be inspected and tested at regular intervals to ensure consistently accurate results. Many labs, however, test too frequently or perform unnecessary and even incorrect tests. The combination of GWP® Verification, GWP® Excellence and weight sets is an easy-to-implement solution that simplifies correct routine testing strategies.

With an increase in FDA warning letters issued worldwide and ever more cost reduction pressure, the routine testing of weighing equipment has become a viable option for many companies. It is no secret that testing performed by the balance user helps to maintain accuracy between scheduled calibrations performed by an authorized service technician. However, it is also a fact that four out of five companies test their weighing equipment too often or erroneously.
Based on market demands for increased guidance, METTLER TOLEDO has developed Good Weighing Practice™. This global, risk-based weighing guideline allows companies to reduce testing costs while keeping safety a priority. There are three steps to simplifying the routine testing in your own facility.

1. GWP® Verification
The improvement potential of even the most rigid quality system (in terms of quality assurance, cost reduction and the increase of employee productivity) has been validated by multinational companies. GWP® Verification provides a color-coded executive summary, which illustrates the status of each balance in regard to the potential risks of inaccurate measurements.
Specific recommendations for each balance or scale are then derived from this report. This includes information on how to maintain accurate results with minimal testing efforts, such as routine tests types, frequencies of checks and calibrations, required test weights and the control limit for each test.
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2. CarePac® Weight Sets

The GWP® Verification assessment provides details on which weights should be used for each test. GWP® states that routine testing with just two test weights is sufficient. CarePacs contain two carefully selected certified weights to test close to the minimum and the maximum capacity of the balance. Handling only two weights simplifies routine testing and saves on considerable purchase and recalibration costs.
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3. GWP® Excellence
The third step is to put the optimal testing regimen into practice. Using the information from the GWP® Verification report, all testing procedures can be implemented directly in the balance firmware, which is a built-in safety feature in all new XP, XS, and XA Balances. This includes which tests to carry out, how often and using which CarePac weight set. Whenever a test is due, the balance user is prompted to perform the relevant test and is given step-by-step instructions directly on the balance display. The benefits are clear: No more forgotten tests or improper testing procedures, including printed records for full traceability.
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As Easy as 1-2-3
Finally, the combination of GWP® Verification, GWP® Excellence and CarePac weight sets is an easy to implement solution to simplify your routine testing strategy. Make significant cost savings, by eliminating unnecessary testing, optimize users’ time and gain peace of mind that applicable regulations are always met. Thorough documentation of the balance performance, routine tests and the implementation in the balance firmware help to avoid out-of-spec results, negative audit findings or even warning letters.


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