Organization - METTLER TOLEDO


Innovative and International

Our decentralized organization concept allows for a high degree of autonomy and enhances corporate responsibility within the scope of the Group's strategy. One in every ten employees works in Research & Development or Engineering. Half of our employees work in our sales and service organizations throughout the world, where they are never far from our customers.
METTLER TOLEDO is divided into five business units, supported by corporate management. The business units each manage their own competence centers, which cover marketing, product and technology development, manufacturing, IT, finance and human resources. They produce products and services for their given market segments:

  • Laboratory
  • Process Analytics
  • Industry
  • Product Inspection
  • Retail

We have innovation centers and production facilities in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and China. Our market organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific are responsible for sales, service and customer service throughout the world. Local organizations in 37 countries maintain close relationships with our customers, adapting market and service strategies to the various cultural and economic conditions.

These organizations help us to minimize development times, improve customer orientation, reduce costs and strengthen our position as a technology leader.

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