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WinDataBack is easy-to-use scale configuration software which supports the central management of data and configuration relating to METTLER TOLEDO retail scales and prepack systems.

The software gives technicians real-time access to the devices installed at store level. Windataback is therefore the ideal tool for internal helpdesk employees. It offers them a clear and convenient way of ensuring uniformity and conformity of all the data supplied to in-store scales and saves valuable time by minimizing duplication of effort.

WinDataBack retail software
Specifications - WinDataBack
Description Scale Configuration Management Software
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Server 2013
Memory RAM: 2 GB; Hard disk: Windataback requires 41 MB of disk space
Connections Arcnet, Ethernet
Languages English
Remarks All software sales are final.

Intuitive User Interface
WinDataBack uses an easy-to-understand graphical user interface that makes data and configuration management and scale updates simple. New and inexperienced helpdesk employees can quickly get proficient with the software thanks to the user-friendly menu which features drop-down lists, option fields and check boxes.


Direct Control
WinDataBack runs on the central helpdesk employee’s PC and supports the management and control of all scale-related data and configuration, whether for an individual location, a group of stores or a network of devices. Helpdesks are able to backup files, ping devices, send out release files and archive or restore data on all networked scales and prepack systems.


Optimized Data Management
Windataback makes it easier to ensure real-time data homogeneity, since helpdesk employees can pull and send data across all devices simultaneously. Therefore, Windataback is a particularly suitable tool for verifying and refreshing data files and transmitting them to newly installed scales and wrapping systems.


Effortless Roll-Out
WinDataBack saves time and money at store level by eliminating the need for on-site software installation and configuration data in individual branches.




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