Professional series scale. Large color touchscreen.

The UC-CWQ Evo CT is loaded with features that will help improve your operation and help boost sales.

Interested in brand promotion? 
Our professional series counter scale, the UC-CWQ Evo CT can promote your brand and products, in color, on the color LCD customer display.

Custom Branded Labels
Why settle for boring labels when you can reinforce your brand thousands of times each day? Our UC Evo scales are capable of impressive visual branding to help drive sales. With extensive support for custom logos, pre-printed designs and complex layout requirements, UC scale labels reinforce store brands and help build shopper loyalty.

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Specifications - UC-CWQ Evo CT
Description Professional performance service counter scale with a 12.1" color touchscreen and LED backlighting.
Operator Display 12.1" TFT LED SVGA color Touchscreen with LED backlighting
Operating System Windows Embedded Standard 7
Customer Display 5.7” (14.5 cm) TFT LED SVGA Color
Label printer Thermal
Memory 2 GB (4 GB optional)
Capacity 250 GB Hard Drive or larger
Networked Wireless or Wired
Material Number(s) 30084383

The UC-CWQ Evo CT features a 12.1” color LCD SVGA touchscreen with LED backlighting. Standard features include a 1.86 GHz Dual Core Intel ATOM processor and a color LCD VGA customer display. The color touchscreen is responsive and easy-to-use, benefiting operations where high turnover and training may be problems. Select from the classic or the enhanced graphical interface. Preset keys can be configured as text or graphical. Setting up the UC in graphic mode is easy and comes with an extensive food photo library.

Professional advice
Whether you want to provide product information, keep staff informed about new regulatory policies, or provide expert advice through recipe tips and ingredients, the large touchscreen is the perfect platform for innovative employee training and highlighting valuable tips for sales discussions.

Features and Benefits
  • Color LCD SVGA operator touchscreen with four adjustable positions.
  • Use the 1/4 VGA color customer display for graphics and special merchandising messages.
  • Displays and prints member pricing for enhanced merchandising.
  • Enhanced Label Printing - more graphics and prints unique label shapes.
  • Fast Intel® ATOM processor to run third party software.
  • Connects to standard 10/100 MBPS Ethernet networks.
  • Available in lb/kg.
  • Switchable between English, French, and Spanish.


UC-CWQ Evo CT Datasheet


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