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Pipet-X Pipet Controller PX-100

Ergonomic Pipet Controller.Pipet-X™ pipet controller for 1-100 mL glass or plastic pipets. Ergonomic, two-button operation. Rechargeable NiMH battery, can use while recharging (PX-100)

Perfect Control at Your Fingertips

One tool is all you need for flexible one-handed control. Liquid vapors are discharged externally, prevents corrosion. Keeps unit contamination free.

Sample large volumes with confidence

Use with pipetting applications 0.1–100 ml, Smart recharging permitting continuous use while charging. Gravity and blow-out dispense modes available.

Specifications - Pipet-X Pipet Controller PX-100
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Pipet-X Pipet Controller PX-100
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