Tips for Special Applications - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Tips for Special Applications

    High quality Rainin specialty tips simplify and streamline demanding workflows


    Rainin Special Application Tips Enhance Your Workflow

    METTLER TOLEDO's selection of Rainin pipettes and tips cover most lab applications, but sometimes a specialty tool is preferable. Pipetting viscous or volatile liquids, repeat dispensing, transferring aggressive liquids safely or serological pipetting – these are tasks that are best served by our specialized pipettes and tips.     

    Rainin offers a broad range of ultra-high quality BioClean pipette tips specifically designed for your unique applications.

    Low Retention Pipette Tips
    Large Volume Tips
    Extended length pipette tips
    Wide Orifice Pipette Tips

    Low Retention Pipette Tips

    Large Volume Pipette Tips

    Extended Length Pipette Tips

    Wide Orifice Pipette Tips

    Nothing beats Rainin Low Retention tips for viscous liquids and those with reduced surface tension.
    Rainin Large Volume (10 mL – 20 mL) tips bring efficiency to your labs macro-volume.
    Ideal for depositing and retrieving samples from deep, narrow vessels.
    Minimizes shear force on delicate samples and flow resistance for viscous samples.
    ShaftGard Pipette Tips
    Gel-Well Pipette Tips
    Filter Pipette Tips



    Filter Tips

    Protect pipette shafts and tip ejectors from cross-contamination.
    Rainin Gel-Well tips allow samples to be accurately dispensed into the wells of thin polyacrylamide gels.
    Hydrophobic filters to prevent cross contamination from aerosols and liquids.
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