Pipette Tips RC LTS 1000µL L 1000A/1 - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Pipette Tips RC LTS 1000µL L 1000A/1

Low-retention tips in bulk..Bulk tips, 1000 μL max. volume, for Rainin pipettes with LTS™ LiteTouch™, low retention, 1000 tips in bags (RC-L1000LR)

Superhydrophobic for greater accuracy.

The superhydrophobic surface allows the sample to move effortlessly through the the tip. Less sample is retained and pipetting accuracy is enhanced.

Easier pipetting of difficult samples.

Viscous liquids and liquids with low surface tension coalesce and glide over the superhydrophobic tip interior for improved pipetting accuracy.

Greater accuracy with more sample types.

The super repellency of the LR tip improves pipetting performance across a broader range of liquid compositions and physical characteristics.

Specifications - Pipette Tips RC LTS 1000µL L 1000A/1
Tip Technology
LiteTouch System LTS
1,000 µL
Specialty format
Low Retention
Maximum Volume
1,000 µL
1000 tips in 1 bag
Material Number(s)



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Pipette Tips RC LTS 1000µL L 1000A/1
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