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    Rack Options

    Rainin BioClean tips come in an array of convenient packaging options


    Eco-Friendly Pipette Tip Packaging Reduces Plastic Waste

    Many labs are concerned with reducing environmental impact.  Rainin has long been a pioneer in addressing these concerns through innovative package design for tip-rack refilling to reduce plastic waste at the source.     

    With a wide choice of packaging options, from standard racks to bagged tips to the waste-reducing refills, Rainin has the perfect tip packaging for you.  Don't miss our two most eco-friendly tip rack options:

    • TerraRack is revolutionary new concept in pipette tip racks – 50% lighter than conventional racks, yet considerably strong and completely recyclable.
    • SpaceSaver™ is an economical and environmentally sensible way to manage your pipette tip inventory. Refills come nested in a compact, easy to use sleeve that is made from recycled PETE – the same plastic used in water bottles.
    Rainin TerraRack Pipette Tip Packaging
    Removable Cover Racks
    SpaceSaver Pipette Tip Refill
    Green-Pak Refills


    Removable Cover Racks

    SpaceSaver Refills

    GreenPak Refills

    Less weight, less waste and 100% recyclable. Single-use, disposable racks. Sterile.
    Refillable racks allow optimal tip loading for single- and multi-channel pipettes. Autoclavable.
    The ultimate in convenience – easy to use, saves space and reduces plastic waste by 85%.
    Single-rack refills reduce plastic waste by 75% compared to individual racks.
    Bagged Tips
    Rainin StableStak Pipette Tip Packaging
    Rainin StableRak

    Bagged Tips



    Buying in bulk is the most economical way to get BioClean quality tips.
    Equivalent to 10 96-tip racks reducing plastic waste by 60%.
    Double 96-tip rack reduces plastic waste by 35%, compared to two individual conventional racks.
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