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WIM (Weigh In Motion) Systems

Proven Reliability and Ease of Use for Vehicle Weight Enforcement Applications

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METTLER TOLEDO WIM systems provide accurate, robust solutions for high-volume, in-motion vehicle weighing. Whether in a fixed weighing facility, in a stand-alone virtual weigh station, or in a data collection installation, these systems provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to static axle or full-platform scales.

WIM (Weigh In Motion) Systems
The core elements of the METTLER TOLEDO WIM System are the dual staggered weighing sensors in the roadway. As a vehicle crosses these sensors, at speeds of up to 80 mph, the vehicle's speed, axle configuration and individual wheel, axle and gross weights, are measured. This WIM data can then be provided to a local PC or remote system for reporting, further data analysis, or integration with information from other peripheral devices.
Depending on the application, multiple weighing sensor technologies can be used, including low-maintenance scale platforms with stainless steel load cells, or the Kistler Lineas® Quartz sensor, for fast and minimally invasive installation.
Specifications - WIM (Weigh In Motion) Systems
Applications Weigh In Motion (WIM)
Suitable indicators IND560, IND560 PDX, IND780

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of powerful, flexible scale terminals -- IND560, IND560 PDX and IND780
    Staggered WIM sensor configuration eliminates the need for costly, maintenance-intensive axle sensors.
  • METTLER TOLEDO exclusive Auto-Calibration of the WIM sensors via a static scale interface eliminates costly regular calibration.
  • Full system integration provides maximum flexibility in real-world applications, from communication with state-wide data networks to combining weighing operations with other vehicle safety and compliance-checking technologies.
  • Range of peripheral devices includes: 
    • Over-height and off-scale detection
    • Variable Messaging Signs to sort vehicles and control traffic flow
    • In-motion vehicle dimensioning
    • Image capturing with LPR (License Plate Reader) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology

  • Designed to comply with ASTM 1318-02 requirements.



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WIM (Weigh In Motion) Systems
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