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IND9U - Unattended Terminal

Unattended Vehicle Weighing Terminals

The highly configurable IND9U weighing terminals allow you to weigh vehicles and capture information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for a scale operator.
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Features and Benefits
  •  Improved data accuracy – retrieve preprogrammed vehicle data using RFID or magnetic strip card readers, and use weather-resistant keypads and keyboards for reliable data input by the driver
  • Improved facility control and security – discrete I/O interface to control peripherals such as pavement loops, gates, traffic lights and photo-eyes
  • Faster weighing throughput – integrated intercom and thermal printer options allow drivers to conduct the complete transaction in-cab
  • 24 hour/365 day durability – weather resistant fiberglass or stainless enclosures with optional climate control
  • Reduce construction and operating costs – optional wireless Ethernet eliminates the need for underground wiring or having a building near the scale
  • Access to weighing data for operational analysis, billing and inventory control – the powerful combination of METTLER TOLEDO industrial scale terminals and vehicle weighing software provides instant access to critical business information

IND9U Options

The IND9U is available in three major variants:

  • The IND9UO, with a choice of IND560 or IND780 industrial scale terminals, for networked vehicle weighing using DataBridge™ Unattended software
  • The IND9US, with an IND780 industrial scale terminal, for stand-alone vehicle weighing using Udrive-780 software
  • The IND9UT which includes a touch screen, with a choice of IND560 or IND570 industrial scale terminals. For networked vehicle weighing using DataBridge™ Unattended software


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IND9U - Unattended Terminal