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7566 Truck Scales

Heavy-Duty Scales for Off-Road Vehicles

Model 7566 is a steel-deck scale for weighing off-road vehicles used in mining, steel, aggregate, forestry, and other similar operations. This rugged scale is built to provide dependable performance for extreme duty applications. It is available as a single-width scale (11 feet 10 inches wide) or a double-width scale capable of handling the industry's largest off-road vehicles. The orthotropic design provides reliable weighing over a long service life, while the POWERCELL® load cells transmit an extremely powerful signal for accurate, dependable weighing.
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Specifications - 7566 Truck Scales
Orthotropic Design
 Model 7566 easily handles the forces generated by normal truck traffic, distributing concentrated loads more effectively than standard I-beam deck structures. The robust orthotropic design is similar to the one used on the Golden Gate Bridge and many other highway bridges around the world.


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7566 Truck Scales
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