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7541 Truck Scales

Concrete-Deck Scales for Pit Installation

Model 7541 is a concrete-deck scale (commercial duty) for weighing highway vehicles. It is designed for installation in a pit. Reinforced concrete deck is framed by steel channel that is welded to steel support modules. POWERCELL load cells transmit a powerful signal for accurate, reliable weighing.
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Specifications - 7541 Truck Scales
{searchattributeslabels/searchCapacityMetricLabel} 100000 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/kg}
{searchattributeslabels/searchCapacityEnglishLabel} 200000.0 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/lb}
{searchattributeslabels/searchReadabilityMetricLabel} 10 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/kg}
{searchattributeslabels/searchReadabilityEnglishLabel} 20 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/lb}
Length 10´ to 120´ (20´ and 25´ modules)
Width 10´
Configuration Mounted in a pit
Deck Construction Concrete and steel, I-Beam
Hazardous area approval Factory Mutual, Ex
Suitable indicators IND246, IND570, IND780
Trade Name truck scales
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous 6-inch deck
  • 45,000-lb dual tandem axle rating
  • Manhole provides access to pit
  • Custom grain-dump option
  • Steel blasted to SSPC-SP6
  • POWERCELL load cells with self-diagnostic capabilities
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel junction boxes
  • 5-year guarantee / StrikeShield lightning protection
  • Epoxy-painted steel resists corrosion




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7541 Truck Scales
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