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Weigh in Motion System

Weigh in Motion System (WIM)

Gain valuable insight with weigh in motion scales for enforcement, monitoring and analysis of vehicles on the road


Weigh in Motion System

Weigh-in-Motion Systems provide an important tool in commerce. Whether at the mine, on the road or across the country on rail, vehicle scales ac...

Weigh-in-Motion Systems provide an important tool in commerce. Whether at the mine, on the road or across the country on rail, vehicle scales accurately determine the weights of transported commodities and finished goods.

If it weren’t for scales, how would you weigh items like a train locomotive, a tractor trailer or a plane that can weigh as much as 1.3 million pounds?

Weigh-in-Motion truck scales provide the ability to weigh large commerce objects in order to maintain compliance and ensure safety. METTLER TOLEDO manufactures a wide variety of truck scales designed to meet specific uses and performance requirements, while keeping roadways safe. Several types of Weigh-in-Motion Systems are available for use in the enforcement, monitoring and analysis of vehicles on the road. They offer a cost-effective solution to help contain infrastructure expenses by monitoring the weight of commercial vehicles as they travel.

1. How does a weigh in motion scale work?
These systems provide the ability to weigh a truck in motion in real-time. Weigh-in-Motion Systems include load cell platforms that weigh a tractor trailer at a particular location, such as a weigh station, or it may include quartz piezo sensors. At weigh stations, enforcement officers may track the trucks as they pass through the facility, for example. This enables weigh station operations to become more efficient because operators are able to sort out potential violators for static weighing and inspection, while permitting vehicles of legal weight to continue without interruption. Virtual Weigh-in-Motion technology can even be installed on routes that bypass weigh stations to help ensure that vehicle-load regulations are enforced. Traffic planning systems also use this type of technology to help monitor traffic. Weighing in motion involves the weighing of a motion truck.

When quartz piezo sensors are installed, Weigh in Motion Systems measure the per-axle weight and gross weight of vehicles as they travel at highway speed. This technology detects axle-spacing so that vehicles can be identified by class. It also records the vehicle’s speed. At the heart of the Weigh-in-Motion Systems' technology is the IND9W lane controller. This controller performs all command and communication functions to acquire and communicate data from the roadway weight and vehicle-position sensors. Its high-speed A/D converter ensures important information is captured quickly and accurately.


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