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TLW250 Dynamic Scale

Essential Performance Weighing.

Easy Integration into any Sorter

Wide range of options for integration into any sorting system. Select technology, dimensions and configuration for a seamlessly integrated solution.

Excellent Weighing Performance

Accuracy you can depend on at high speeds and in tough industrial conditions. This cost-effective solution does not compromise on performance.

Multi-Lingual Operation

Designed for ease-of-use, the weighing terminal is pre-configured with multiple languages to support global business relations, training and service.

Specifications - TLW250 Dynamic Scale
Transport Height (Garvens)
280 mm - 1 800 mm (± 50 mm)
Weighing Range (Garvens)
10 g - 40 kg / 10 g - 80 kg
Product Width (Garvens)
1100 mm
Weighing Technology (Load Cell) (Garvens)
Accuracy (Garvens)
from ±5 g / from ±20 g
Throughput (Garvens)
7500 pph
Production Environment (Garvens)
IP Rating (Garvens)
IP 54
HMI (Garvens)
Material Number(s)

Low Cost of Ownership

A high level of standardization, rugged design and minimal number of spare parts required for service combine to keep scale downtime to a minimum. The system is easy to maintain, providing low cost of ownership over time.

Technology for your Budget

Choose between MID or NTEP approved EMFR load cells for legal-for-trade applications or analog strain gage load cells as a more economical option. Choose your load cell based on your budget and operational requirements.

Effective Data Communication

More than 10 data communication standards, including Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies ensure compatibility with other systems for seamless communication.

Sets Standards in Safe Design

The TLW250 complies with the following safety standards: US-based: ANSI B155 -2011, NFPA 70, NFPA 79, ANSI B11 TR3, ANSI Z244, ANSI Z535. EU-based: EN12100, EN60204-1, EN14121, EN294, EN349, EN953, EN61000-6,2,3,4, ISO 3864, ISO13849-1,-2, ISO 60528.

Tamperproof Data Storage

Safe, tamperproof data storage guarantees that weighing results are legal-for-trade and can be used for invoicing.





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TLW250 Dynamic Scale
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