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OCTO DataCapture

Effective Data Management for Smooth Operations

OCTO™ DataCapture Software is at the heart of any METTLER TOLEDO dimensioning, weighing and scanning solution. In its simplest form, it is the data-merging software that takes information from different devices - dimensioner, scale, barcode reader and camera - and sends it to the host. However, OCTO™ can also transform a simple dimensioner into a full data-capture solution. From its basic platform, custom applications can be configured to improve productivity and sorting efficiency.
OCTO™ DataCapture Software is available for both dynamic and static applications.

OCTO DataCapture
Octo DataCapture
Specifications - OCTO DataCapture
Interfaces Same user interface for static and dynamic applications
Measurement range Measurement statistics aid operational planning and trend analysis.
Captures and merges dimensions, weight and ID of parcels or pallets for a full data profile
One standard software platform for all METTLER TOLEDO transport and logistics solutions
Quick, seamless data transfer with customized data drop
Shape and angle information for efficient sorting
Detect if an object is outside of the measurement area, too small to be measured or in the shadow of another object
Ability to develop custom applications based on individual requirements
Simple and advanced sorting is controlled by using commands such as destination, product code etc.
Real-time parcel animation shows what is happening on the belt at any given time
Health monitoring alerts the operator  if there is a problem with the system

Storage and Statistics
Data captured is stored and easily recalled from a legal-for-trade, alibi Database. Measurement statistics allows analysis by shift, day, week and month to help with planning, trend analysis and customer communication. Data is stored even when offline and re-sent when a connection is established.

Health Monitoring
Health monitoring software provides full visibility of the performance of all components of a system. If something goes wrong with the scale, dimensioner or barcode reader, you will be alerted by an on-screen warning, allowing you to act to ensure your operation continues to run smoothly.

Modular Design
Highly configurable, OCTO™ can be customized to meet individual data-capture needs. With building block logic and easily upgradable, OCTO is the platform from which new applications can be developed to meet changing operational requirements.

Standard Software Platform

One standard application software is used regardless of what type of data capture equipment you are using, or where you are in the world. The intuitive user interface is easy to use and easy to learn.


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OCTO DataCapture


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OCTO DataCapture
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