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PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors

PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors are designed for use in vertical packaging applications. These food processor metal detectors are normally installed between the weighing and vertical bagging process where they inspect for all types of metal contamination in the free falling product.

Operation is via a modern, full colour ‘windows’ style touch screen which provides rapid set up and on-screen analysis of detection data. The detection system can be fully integrated with all leading weighing and bag making equipment to ensure contaminated product is isolated, safeguarding food production.

The use of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s unique ZMFZ technology enables the space required for installation to be significantly reduced without the loss of sensitivity. This is important in instances where space between weigher and bagger is limited.

Features and Benefits
Unrivalled sensitivity and stability The maximum capacity to detect all metal contaminants combined with stable on-line performance. 
Performance validation software Built-in performance validation software indicates when scheduled testing is due and assists QA staff by guiding them through step by step test routines. 
Easy to use The intuitive Profile full color operator touch screen provides easy set up and on screen histograms for analyzing manufacturing performance. 
Compact design for easy line integration Use of unique ZMFZ technology can be used to reduce overall system height enabling installation to take place in situations where the space between weigher and bagger is extremely restricted. 
Built-in condition monitoring Constant analysis of the detection coil and electronics systems provide advanced warning of potential problems prior to failure enabling planned maintenance routines to take place. 
Connectivity options Can be provided with an integral Ethernet adapter enabling connection to all external data collection devices and factory management systems. 
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PowerPhasePRO Throat Metal Detectors
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