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What are the best metal detectors for inspecting conveyorized food and non-food products?

A tunnel metal detector integrated with a conveyorized material handling system is the best solution for inspecting packaged, raw or processed foods or non-food products for metal contamination.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline offers a wide variety of industrial tunnel metal detectors for use in these applications to meet different performance and budget needs. The metal detectors can be used at various stages of the production process, including inspecting raw materials, in-process to protect downstream equipment, or after final packaging to provide peace of mind that there is minimal risk of subsequent contamination.

Profile Advantage technology is ideal for challenging applications that are subject to product effect where food is hot, wet, chilled, frozen, or packed in metallized film, using multi-simultaneous frequency and product signal suppression technology. Profile technology is optimized for dry product inspection.

We also offer a number of other tunnel metal detection solutions for bulk and compact product inspection, as well as combi-systems where a metal detector is integrated with a dynamic checkweigher to provide multiple product inspection capabilities in a single unit, with a compact footprint.

What are the best metal detectors for inspecting powders, grains and granules?

Gravity Fall metal detection systems inspect bulk free-falling powdered and granular products to detect and reject metal contamination in food processing, pharmaceutical and non-food industrial applications. These systems deliver high sensitivity to all metal types under free-fall conditions and come with a choice of high-speed reject devices to remove metal contaminated product from the production process.

Y-Valve Gravity Fall metal detection systems are suitable for the inspection of powders and granular products.

Sealtite Gravity Fall metal detection systems are ideal for inspection of high value, dusty products in explosive environments and applications where insertion space is limited.

Open Diverter Gravity Fall metal detection systems are best for non-dusty granular products where insertion space is limited.

What are the best food metal detectors for inspecting products in vertical packing applications?

Throat and Super Throat vertical metal detectors are designed for integration with Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) equipment to inspect free-falling products in food processing and packaging applications. These vertical metal detectors are particularly suitable for snack food and confectionery processing where metallized film packaging is used.

What are the best metal detectors for inspecting liquids, pastes and slurries?

Pipeline metal detection systems inspect a range of liquids at varying temperatures, including ice cream and molten chocolate, as well as pastes, slurries and sausage meat.

Choosing the correct Pipeline system is critical to ensure you maximize the performance of your metal detection system.

L-Series Pipeline systems offer versatility for inspecting a wide range of homogenous products such as liquids, viscous fluids such as molten chocolate, pastes, meat slurries, soups and sauces.

Profile Advantage Pipeline metal detection systems deliver high sensitivity in challenging applications subject to product effect (due to bubbles or voids in the product flow).

HDS Pipeline systems are designed specifically for vacuum-filler applications such as sausage meat and other vacuum-pumped foods.

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What are the best metal detectors for inspecting products in pharmaceutical applications?

Pharmaceutical metal detection systems inspect tablets, capsules, powders and granules for metal contamination.

Tablex-PRO and Tablex2 pharmaceutical metal detection systems can detect all types of metal contamination encountered in manufacturing processes, including ferrous, non-ferrous and even the most difficult-to-detect non-magnetic stainless steels (grade 316). Contaminants less than 0.3mm in diameter can be readily detected and rejected.

Pharma GF-Pro metal detectors provide efficient inspection of powdered and granular pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products under free-fall conditions.

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