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Data Connectivity, Collection and Automation & Control

Data Connectivity, Collection, Automation & Control

For integrating metal detector performance data into production line management information systems

Supporting your Compliance Needs

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline data collection options enable your business to comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirement...

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline data collection options enable your business to comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements and the broader needs of external food safety regulations and standards.

Collecting data from Critical Control Points (CCPs) in your production process can support compliance with GFSI standards and external codes of practice, including:

  • The British Retail Consortium (BRC v6) Global Standard for Food Safety
  • International Food Standard (IFS v6)
  • The Foundation for Food Safety Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000)
  • Safe Quality Food 2000 Code 7.2 (SQF 2000)
  • Dutch Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (Dutch HACCP)
  • All Major Retailer Standards

Data Collection via USB Sticks and hand-held Printers

Safeline metal detectors can be configured to incorporate sockets to enable external print devices and USB sticks to harvest data. This information can be used to generate data tickets or provide electronic records. Printed tickets can be used to provide hard-copy evidence of routine testing and settings adjustments whilst data collected on USB sticks can be transferred and stored electronically for future reference.

Advanced Factory Management System Integration

OPC DA is one of the world’s fastest-growing standards for the exchange of process control data. The introduction of OPC DA server technology enables communications from multiple pieces of processing and packaging equipment in different software formats to be distilled into a single, uniform language. This data can be transferred to a host of SCADA-based systems and factory management software solutions, to give total visibility of operational information.

Packaging Machine Language (PackML)

PackML v3.0 is the most current version of "Packaging Machine Language" defined by the Organisation of Machine Automation and Control (OMAC). Bringing together a common "look and feel" with other packaging equipment interfaces as well as ensuring operational consistency through the use of industry defined states and modes.

Data can be extracted in machine state and mode from any compatible metal detector via an existing RS232 & Ethernet interface or through our FieldBus Interface Module.

Fieldbus Interface Module (FIM)

The Safeline FIM is available for use with EtherNet/IPTM and Modbus® TCP Fieldbus networks and provides a critical bridge between the metal detector and the customers Fieldbus Network to provide a comprehensive collection of critical process information.

Data Management Software

ProdX - At METTLER TOLEDO, we have analysed the very latest production processes, product inspection challenges and routines, the impact of increasing productivity and demands for product safety.

Productivity, Product Quality, Security and Clarity come together in ProdX, METTLER TOLEDO’s data management software. ProdX delivers to Production Management a wealth of real-time information, enabling the effective control of product inspection processes and devices in today’s 'do more with less' production environment.

FreeWeigh.Net* - Safeline metal detectors are also fully compatible with FreeWeigh.Net, a powerful statistical quality control (SQC) software programme from METTLER TOLEDO that covers all aspects of packaging and filling quality control for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

*Profile Advantage currently does not support Freeweigh.Net

USB* Data Collection Functionality

A USB port can be specified when placing an order for new equipment. Alternatively, the port can be installed as a retro-fittable option to existing equipment. The port enables information captured by the detector to be transferred simply and effectively to computers or other electronic data storage systems. This eliminates the need for paper records, and provides comprehensive process data to prove due diligence has been exercised - and supports informed decision-making to improve processes.

*Key Panel HMI metal detectors do not support USB

A Choice of Standard Reports and Formats

A range of standard reports can be configured including Performance Verification Routine Reports, Shift Reports and Print All Settings Reports. All reports are available in TXT, CSV and TSV formats.

The collection of traceability and performance validation data, regulatory compliance and meeting due diligence obligations are essential requirements for your business. However, gathering data efficiently and effectively from your processes can be a challenge. Data collection solutions from METTLER TOLEDO can simplify the process.

Safeline metal detectors can utilise a wide range of data collection methods to ensure you always have the correct information available to meet the demands of your business and your customers. From simple plug-in hand-held printers to USB data collection and on to advanced electronic connectivity solutions, there is a Mettler Toledo solution available to suit your requirements.

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