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Pharmaceutical Checkweigher
Pharmaceutical Checkweigher
Pharmaceutical Checkweigher
Pharmaceutical Checkweigher


What is a pharmaceutical checkweigher?

Pharmaceutical checkweighers are high precision inline weighing instruments designed for the unique challenges of a pharmaceutical production environment. These challenges include handling lightweight products which must be accurately weighed within higher tolerances than other industries.

How can a checkweigher help to avoid recalls in the pharma industry?

Thanks to the high accuracy of our pharmaceutical checkweighers, they are able to detect the difference between a package with required documentation (i.e. the leaflet detailing proper use and health warnings, etc.) and a package without – meaning that recalls due to packaging missing such critical components are effectively prevented.

How can a pharma checkweigher optimize the effectiveness of my production line?

METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers can prevent downstream issues in the production line due to improper product spacing by using product handling to ensure smooth transportation with the correct distance between products on the line. In addition, askew packaging that could otherwise cause a conveyor stop can be rejected by the checkweigher before they have the chance to cause a problem.

What contributions does a pharmaceutical checkweigher make towards overall process safety?

Having an effective and reliable product inspection system in place can reduce risks caused by defective products and help manufacturers improve process safety. The METTLER TOLEDO Process Safety Kit offers a variety of solutions to meet safety requirements with metal detectors, checkweighers and combination systems which integrate both technologies into a space-saving unit. These systems also provide product completeness checks, prevention of unauthorized alterations to inspection requirements, rejection counterchecking and secure reject bins for defective products.

What makes METTLER TOLEDO the ideal solutions provider for pharmaceutical checkweighers?

For decades, METTLER TOELDO has worked hand in hand with major pharmaceutical manufacturers including Orthomolin order to continuously improve the mechanical and software functionalities of our systems to contribute to the overall process efficiency of pharmaceutical production lines. Our experience allows us to find solutions for the most intricate problems. Our modular solutions are future proof and our global service offering allows smooth implementation of any future changes that may be required.