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    XD-Series Checkweigher

    Highly Reliable, Accurate and Economical Checkweighers


    Versatile XD checkweigher

    The versatile XD Series checkweighers have been designed with all industries in mind. The operator-friendly touchscreen interface ensures minimum downtime during product changeovers. Simple and clear menus and screen prompts have been designed to reduce production disruptions caused by human error.

    Four reasons why you should choose an XD checkweigher:

    1. Six models with varying conveyor sizes allow for quick and simple installation
    2. Three different weighing ranges adapt weighing operations to your particular requirements
    3. Ten different reject and sorting units ensure maximum quality control
    4. A fair and simple quoting system enables you to make a direct comparison between different manufacturers

    Where we lead, others follow

    The range of XD models has been specifically designed to allow you to choose the correct solution for your specific needs, and make a direct comparison with competitor models. The available options have been carefully selected to give you the greatest possible flexibility and choice, so that you can optimise your production processes.

    Software to increase operational efficiency

    Several operational efficiency software options are available for the XD Series. These options provide vital production data and connectivity solutions, which are instrumental in ensuring high product quality standards and pro-active control production processes.

    Sorting options

    There are ten different sorting system options, dependent on the model chosen and the characteristics of your products. Each system has been designed to offer maximum reliability for rejecting out-of-tolerance products, with  enough force to control them without damaging them. Also available are catch bins in several sizes to match your product dimensions.

    Feedback to filler

    The optional feedback control connects the XD to your filling machine:

    • Reducing underfilling and overfilling
    • Reducing expensive product giveaway
    • Ensuring compliance with net content laws and regulations
    • Ensuring higher and more consistent product quality

    Statistics program

    The statistics program option provides detailed records of production data for further analysis, quality control, and documentation required for audit purposes. This option provides:

    • Total statistics
    • Interval statistics based on time or count
    • Batch statistics
    • Current hour statistics

    ProdX interface

    ProdX from METTLER TOLEDO delivers: monitoring and data management capabilities for checkweighers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection, and visual inspection systems. ProdX actively improves productivity, product quality and process security through delivery of complete clarity of your product inspection program.

    Learn more about XD-Series checkweighers in comprehensive datasheets or request more information and pricings on this site.

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