Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

        Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

        Effective solutions for pharma applications, serialisation and Track & Trace


        Maximum flexibility in pharmaceutical marking and verification

        METTLER TOLEDO can ensure efficient and effective checkweighing, marking, verification and tamper-evident safety sealing.

        Our systems c...

        METTLER TOLEDO can ensure efficient and effective checkweighing, marking, verification and tamper-evident safety sealing.

        Our systems combine ink-jet printing or laser marking and vision verification with highly accurate in-motion weighing and optional tamper-evident sealing, to ensure global traceability and to assist in fraud protection. The product codes printed on the collapsible boxes are verified for accuracy and legibility, and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates. The weighing section ensures the highest weighing accuracy at maximum throughput, allowing production lines to be streamlined for higher productivity.  

        The pharmaceutical checkweighers can be easily integrated into new production lines or can be added to upgrade existing lines, so as to provide a full range of functions and user-friendliness, while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your packaging process.

        The collapsible boxes are transferred (e. g. directly from the cartoner) by means of a transfer unit. Thanks to the wide range of setting options, our systems can be adjusted to different box dimensions in a matter of seconds. A marking system prints unique data such as batch codes, expiry dates and 2D data matrix codes or barcodes in a high-quality ink on the side of the collapsible box.  Optional vision inspection systems verify the printed data and save that data in an internal database. Dynamic weighing ensures the highest weighing accuracy and ensures completeness of all products being weighed. Illegible or poor-quality products are rejected reliably and accurately.

        In addition to pharmaceutical checkweighers, METTLER TOLEDO offer very compact marking and verification solutions for serialisation programmes. These act as stand-alone marking and verification systems to enhance an existing production line or as complete checkweighing, marking and verification and tamper-evident combination systems.

        All marking and verification systems have been designed with maximum flexibility in mind, to readily enable the integration of a wide range of world-leading printing and camera systems; these  ensure perfect and trouble-free line integration. In addition, all systems have  been designed to comply with the  current and emerging serialisation standards and legal requirements, as well as with future global requirements.

        Learn more about Pharmaceutical Checkweighers in comprehensive datasheets or request more information and pricings on this site.

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        An extensive global service network fully supports cross-border contracts and ensures not only timely support, but also the availability and quick delivery of spare parts to reduce downtime and keep processes running smoothly.

        Pharmaceutical Checkweighers
        Pharmaceutical Checkweighers
        Pharmaceutical Checkweighers
        Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

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        Products and Specs


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