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    C3000 System Checkweighers

    Adaptability - Performance - Reliability


    C3000 Checkweighers - Premier Components Engineered with Passion

    With its open-design and four-tube structure, combined with minimized horizontal surfaces, C3000 System checkweighers excel in cleaning and inspection efficiency. The unique design provides stable, quiet operation for optimum weighing processes.

    Conveyors up to 400 mm width are available and optional nose rollers (or smaller roller diameters) allow for even smoother product transfer. Conveyor belts and entire conveyor modules can be changed rapidly, to keep your line operating.

    The C3000’s IP69k terminal, and the optional IP69k metal detection head, gives you optimum protection against the effects of cleaning needed to maintain a hygienic environment. The terminal ensures operator safety, has a more easily accessible emergency stop button and meets demands for high throughput workflows due to the faster IPC.

    Outstanding accuracy and efficiency are assured with the interference-suppressing load cell supporting an officially verified weighing range of up to 10 kg.

    The Way to More Efficient Processes

    What do pharmaceutical blister packaging, food boxes, confectionary bags, dairy pouches, aerosol cans or detergent bottles have in common with C3000 System checkweighers?

    They all benefit from safe product transport and secure inspection. In addition, our established software options and product sorting options turn C3000 System checkweighers into efficient tools for a higher productivity.

    No two products are the same; different package shapes and sizes, the unique behavior of liquids in motion - and general product stability on the weighing conveyor - can often be challenging. But METTLER TOLEDO has the answer to all these challenges. The highly stable construction of the new C3000 System, small roller diameters, and a highly accurate weighcell, deliver the best possible weighing result for virtually any product.

    Flawless Product Transfer

    Minimized product toppling or swaying on the weighing belt is just one of the key features of the C3000 System. Smoothness in product transfer is ensured, even with a very small roller diameter, and additional nose rollers and guiding rails are available.

    Optimal Brand Protection

    Ensuring compliance with government regulations and industry standards through in-line checkweighing of all packages is one of the main reasons for a checkweighing program. In addition to complying with these legal requirements C3000 System protects your brand and the customer when using additional metal detector units, detecting even the most challenging and irregular shaped contaminants.

    Most Efficient Processes

    C3000 System, with up to 33 per cent more performance, drives tighter production tolerances, yields less waste and enables more final products to be processed with the same amount of inventory. Reduced wear parts keep maintenance requirements at a minimum. This and the available real-time monitoring of the complete weighing process will lead to more efficient processes.

    Learn more about the new generation of checkweighing!

    Products and Specs
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    DescriptionCM3770 combines metal detection and checkweighing. It is ideal for products up to 10kg with a weighing range and accuracy from less than 0.1 g.
    DescriptionC3570 - configurable checkweigher with large 15 inch display and a weighing range of up to 10kg and accuracy from ± 0,1 g.
    DescriptionCM3570 combines metal detection and checkweighing. It is ideal for products up to 10kg with a weighing range and accuracy from less than 0.1 g.
    DescriptionC3530 - configurable checkweigher with 7 inch display and a weighing range of up to 10kg and accuracy from ± 0.1 g.
    DescriptionCM3530 - 2-in-1 system combining metal detector and checkweigher with 7 inch display. Up to 10kg weighing range and accuracy from ± 0.1 g.
    DescriptionDesigned to prevent label mix-up and weight verification in a single process for a wide range of label and product sizes.
    DescriptionC3570 Pharma Checkweigher handles pharmaceutical products such as boxes and vials as well as detecting of open flaps and askew packages on the fly.
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