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T56 Integrated Multi Aggregation

Fast and Efficient Aggregation Solution.Installs into existing or new case packers or palletizers for improved process efficiency allowing for the aggregation of multiple items in one step using a High Resolution Camera.

High Resolution Camera Aggregation

Aggregates multiple items in a layer by verifying all codes with one picture using a High Resolution Camera and advanced software algorithms.

Optimized Processing Time

The system optimizes processing time by aggregating a full layer of items with one picture, preventing potential backlogs in the packaging line.

Easy Installation with Modular Solution

The compact and modular design of the T56 allows an easy installation of the components into existing or new production lines.

Material No.: 56105600

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Specifications - T56 Integrated Multi Aggregation
Track & Trace Solution
Product Types
System Design
Reading Devices
Luminescence Sensor
Scanning Head
Laser Scanner
Smart Camera
High Resolution Camera
Number of Reading Devices
up to 4
Compatible Software
PLM Aggregation

Minimal Maintenance Downtime

Compact enclosure on cameras and sensors helps to minimize exposure to dust and debris, providing consistent and reliable results with minimal downtime for maintenance.

Perform Additional Inspections

The system supports up to 3 additional image sensors to perform further quality inspections such as verifying label quality or label artwork.

Space Saving Design

Components are designed specifically to fit in environments with limited space, such as in OEM installations.

Equipped for the Future

Simple and quick software updates help protect the hardware investment in the long-term, working to ensure compliance today and in the future for regulatory requirements. Mark & Verify systems can be upgraded to serialize the products.

Central Track & Trace Management

Use PCE Line Manager (PLM) software for complete line control of production processes. Choose PCE Site Manager (PSM) for enterprise integration with site-wide IT infrastructure.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provides fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.



T56 Track & Trace Datasheet | Free Download
The T56 installs into existing or new case packers and palletizers for improved process efficiency, for aggregation in a single step.



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T56 Integrated Multi Aggregation