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T13 Manual Serialization

Portable Serialization Solution.Designed to effectively serialize small batches or oversized products by manually sliding the product's carton along the print unit. A unique code is printed, verified, and serialized by a Smart Camera.

Tabletop Serialization

Complete serialization capabilities in a desktop system. Easily place this system wherever it is needed without complex integration requirements.

Ideal for Small Batch Production

Supports different package sizes, enabling serialization of each batch without equipment changes – ideal for managing frequent product changeovers.

Simple to Use

Due to the combination of print, verification, and serialization in a single process, the system is easy and efficient to operate.

Material No.: 56101300

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Specifications - T13 Manual Serialization
Track & Trace Solution
Product Types
System Design
Reading Devices
Smart Camera
Number of Reading Devices
Compatible Software
PLM Direct
PLM Serialization
Dimensions (H x W x D)
571 x 558 x 500 mm
Product Height
25 - 220 mm
Product Width
50 - 360 mm
Product Length
60 - 190 mm

Verify Codes Anytime

Verify printed codes with a handheld scanner, either wirelessly or while charging it on a 3m cable, allowing for continuous operation.

Supports Various Carton Sizes

Serialize carton lengths up to 360mm, providing a solution for large or odd-sized cartons.

Compact and Moveable

Tabletop unit and control cabinet can be placed anywhere in the production environment. Move the components easily as production needs change.

Print and Verify

A compact inkjet printer applies individual codes to the product package, which operators can instantly verify using a Smart Camera or handheld scanner.

Adaptable Software

Choose PCE Line Manager (PLM) or PLM Direct software to fit the serialization requirements. As business needs change or regulations are updated, easily upgrade or adapt to fit new regulatory requirements.

Central Track & Trace Management

Use PCE Line Manager (PLM) software for complete line control of production processes for serialization. Choose PCE Site Manager (PSM) for enterprise integration with site-wide IT infrastructure.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provides fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.



T13 Track & Trace Datasheet | Free Download
The T13 is designed to effectively serialize small batches or oversized products by manually sliding a carton along the print unit. A unique code is p...




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T13 Manual Serialization