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    Label Printing and Inspection on Web
    Labels are the final means of communication between a manufacturer and a consumer, and make all the difference between a new customer and a lost sale. Product labels contain important information such as instructions for use and ingredients. It is important, therefore, that product labels are printed clearly and correctly in order to avoid the need for a product recall or an angry or dissatisfied consumer.

    The V28 series both prints and inspects product labels on the web, with a reel-to-reel inspection capability for pre-printed labels as well. Like all METTLER TOLEDO vision inspection systems, the V28 series is available in configurations which can meet the specific needs of individual manufacturer. For smaller batch runs, a compact tabletop configuration is possible, while a larger system provides either in-line or stand-alone printing and inspection capabilities.

    A mechanical rejection system ensures that labels which fail to meet quality standards are removed before application to the product package. The V28 series keeps a record of all rejected labels, so that operators can identify the precise cause of a label rejection. All V28 series systems are built with easily accessible parts for easy servicing and regular maintenance.

    Working with METTLER TOLEDO
    Unlike other vision system providers, METTLER TOLEDO inspection systems come with a global support network, allowing installations worldwide. Manufacturers will find that working with METTLER TOLEDO means working with an expert provider who will strive to meet their needs by any means necessary. Every project runs through its own dedicated project manager who serves as the point of contact between the larger METTLER TOLEDO support apparatus and the customer.

    Manufacturers who choose a METTLER TOLEDO vision inspection system not only gain a highly accurate, high-speed inspection system, they gain access to a statistics suite that can be used to see where failures on the production line are occurring, and the system can be programmed to send shutdown signals or set off an alarm after a set number of patterned failures, reducing wasted product and saving time and money.

    METTLER TOLEDO is continuously improving upon its vision technology in order to deliver systems that provide accurate inspections and function reliably at high speeds.

    Regardless of the container shape, METTLER TOLEDO will work closely with manufacturers to provide the best possible inspection solution. Contact the team today for more information on the V28 series.

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