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    Vision Inspection Systems for Round, Un-oriented products


    V24 Series

    Round, Un-oriented Print & Label Inspection

    The contents of a product's labeling are of vital importance for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the need to communicate important information to the consumer. A vision inspection system can easily and reliably verify the presence and accuracy of a product label, but it needs to know where on the label to look. This becomes a challenge when products are round and do not face in a uniform direction when entering the inspection system.

    This is the challenge that METTLER TOLEDO's V24 series is built to address. Using innovative camera configurations and vision processing technology, the V24 is able to locate the important information you need to inspect no matter what direction the product is facing. The V24 series is ideal for beverage manufacturers, cosmetics manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and any other manufacturer using round packaging and seeking a reliable vision inspection solution.

    Vision systems inspect every product as it comes down the line, ensuring that every product that leaves the facility meets the quality standards set by the manufacturer. In addition to print & label inspection applications, the V24 series systems are also capable of performing fill level and cap inspections, helping to reduce product spoilage and waste as well as ensure products look their best on retailer shelves.

    Working with METTLER TOLEDO

    Unlike other vision system providers, METTLER TOLEDO inspection systems come with a global support network, allowing installations worldwide. Manufacturers will find that working with METTLER TOLEDO means working with an expert provider who will strive to meet their needs by any means necessary. Every project runs through its own dedicated project manager who serves as the point of contact between the larger METTLER TOLEDO support apparatus and the customer.

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