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V15 Label Inspection 360° System

Compact, efficient, reliable.This space-saving solution detects label data and quality defects on round products. Six image sensors are enclosed in a compact design that can easily be installed over existing conveyors. The V15 can be extended with top and bottom cameras.

100% Automated Label Inspection 360°

This cost-effective vision system is ideally suited to replace manual spot checks with 100% automated label inspection control for round products.

Compliance Support

The V15 supports consumer safety in offering documented label inspection in line with industry guidelines such as IFS and BRCGS.

Reduce Waste and Prevent Recalls

The V15 verifies labels to detect and reliably sort non-conforming products to avoid costly recalls due to false or missing declarations.

Material No.: 24021500

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Specifications - V15 Label Inspection 360° System
500 ppm
Inspection Type
Label Quality Inspection
Label Data Inspection
Custom Inspection
Seal Inspection
Cap Inspection
Strobe LED lighting
Camera Technology
Smart Camera
Multiple Reject Options
Basic Pusher
Soft Pusher
Air Blast
Power Supply
115, 230, 400, 480 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Hygienic Requirement
Wipe Down (<IP54)
Low Pressure (IP65)
Product Width
100 mm diameter
Multi-lingual user interface and user manuals
Label Quality Inspection
Label Wrinkles
Graphical ID
Label Placement
Label Skew
Number of Cameras
Up to 3
Custom Inspection
Custom Applications
IP Rating
IP 65
Label Data Inspection
Alpha Numeric
1D/2D Barcode
Field of View
120 x 90 mm
110 x 83 mm
Inspection Area
Customization Options
Bespoke handling
Design Options
Checkweigher Integration
Product Shape
Software Platform
Vision Software
Vision Combinations
Contamination Detection
Dynamic Checkweighing

Label Data and Quality Control

Delivers full inspection of label data such as 1D/2D barcodes and human-readable text for errors. Quality defects such as label positioning, multi-labelling, skews, wrinkles, folds, print quality, and the graphic ID are also verified for conformity.

Optional Top and Bottom Cameras

Enhance the functionality of the V15 with up to two additional smart cameras to perform top and bottom vision inspection on lids or container bottoms to verify Best Before Dates, LOT numbers or 1D/2D barcodes.

Compact Design for Wet Environments

The V15 has a space-saving design with sloped surfaces throughout for easy cleaning. The IP65-rated stainless steel construction is ideally suited for wet environments across food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Available as a Combination System

Integrate the V15 with other METTLER TOLEDO inspection technologies such as checkweighing or metal detection or both into a single, space-saving device. Shared material handling and sorting devices aid productivity and reduce cost.

Intuitive Vision Software

User friendly software simplifies the setup of products and supports product changes to be managed centrally. Embedded user management provides security. Based on the established Checkweighing software for minimal operator training requirements.

Connectivity supports Automation

Various interfaces including Ethernet, Fieldbus and OPC technologies enable IoT / Industry 4.0 initiatives to access, analyze and control production data anytime and anywhere. The system can be connected to the ProdX™ quality management software.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offer allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.



V15 Label Inspection 360° Datasheet | Download PDF
V15 Label Inspection 360° system detects label data and quality defects on round products using six image sensors.


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V15 Label Inspection 360° System