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InPro 8300 RAMS Series for Optical Product Monitor

Product monitoring and identification systems for food & beverage applications

The InPro 8300 RAMS (Reflection Absorption Multi-Switch) systems are designed for in-line use in phase separation and product identification applications by turbidity or color. The rugged InPro 8300 RAMS systems are simple to configure, easy to use and require minimal maintenance. These systems are widely used in brewery applications for beer/water separation, before the filler line and in separator control.

For product identification, a “fingerprint” of each product is taken and stored in the InPro 8300 RAMS’ built-in memory. Fingerprinting is done using one or more parameters (e.g. blue transmittance, NIR reflection or green absorption). The InPro 8300 RAMS identifies up to eight different products.

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Specifications - InPro 8300 RAMS Series for Optical Product Monitor
Measuring cycle (all 8 parameters) approx. 5 measurements per second
Span 400…2000 RAMS units
Power consumption <50 mA plus total of output currents, polarityreversal protection up to 30 V
Parameter setting interface RS-232
Operating pressure max. 10 bar
Ambient temperature 0…40 °C
Product temperature 0…105 °C (140 °C as an option)
Rel. humidity 0…100%
Protection class IP 67
Optics housing 1.4404
Seals EPDM
Viewing window PVC
Housing material 1.4404
Sealing material EPDM, alternatively FKM
Repeatability ± 1 % of measuring range
Power supply 24 V DC ± 5%
Temperature compensation 0…50 °C in steps of 0.1 °C>50 °C in steps of 0.5 °C
Model Family RAMS
Measurement Technology Reflection Absorption Measurement
Measurement Range 400…2000 RAMS Units
Operating Temperature (Celsius) 0…105°C
Operating Temperature (Farenheit) 32…221°F
Operating Pressure (Bar) 10 bar
Operating Pressure (PSI) 145 psi
Surface Finish N/A
Wetted Materials DIN 1.4404
Window Borosilicate; Sapphire
Light Source Internal
Power Supply 45 VDC
Hazardous Area Approvals No
Hygienic/Biocompatibility Approvals Yes
Primary Media/Application Food/Beverage Production; Other Industrial Processes; Other Water Processes
Sterilizable/Autoclavable No
Connection Varivent
Sensor Diameter DN 25 – DN 150
Features and Benefits
How it Works
  • The InPro 8300 RAMS (Reflection Absorption Multi-Switch) measures reflection and absorption of the process medium in the pipe at four wavelengths (blue, green, red, near-infrared). Measurement of both turbidity and color is possible.
Easy Installation
  • The InPro 8300 RAMS is fitted into the product pipe using a standard VARINLINE™ housing. The housing ensures both easy installation of the sensor and optimal cleaning characteristics for CIP/SIP processes.
Configuration Software
  • A software package is available for product identification, FTU/EBC calibration, storing of readings and for parameterization.
Factory Calibrated
  • Each sensor is delivered factory calibrated based on a multi-point calibration. This means no on-site calibration is necessary.



Datasheet Turbidity System InPro8300 RAMS
Product monitoring and Identification systems for food & beverage applications.

Application Notes

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InPro 8300 RAMS Series for Optical Product Monitor
USP Class VI
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