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M400 4-wire Transmitter Multi-Parameter

The new multi-parameter transmitter with ISM ability

The M400 transmitter series features advanced ISM technology and covers pH /ORP, pH ISFET, oxygen, carbon dioxide,  and conductivity - inductive as well as 2-E and 4-E -  measurements . Thanks to the mixed-mode input functionality, the M400 accepts any conventional (analog) or ISM sensor of your choice. Combined with its multi-parameter capabilities, the M400 is the state-of-the-art transmitter for your most demanding applications.

The M400 is a single-channel, multi-parameter unit. The same unit can handle different parameters such as pH/ORP, pH ISFET, oxygen, carbon dioxide or conductivity - inductive as well as 2-E and 4-E - , depending on the type you choose.

Specifications - M400 4-wire Transmitter Multi-Parameter
ISM Plug and Measure™, Advanced diagnostics
Protection IP 65 (NEMA 4X)
Approvals CE, M400 Type 1, 2, 3: ATEX Zone 2; FM cFMus, Cl.1 Div.2 M400 Type 1 Cond Ind: ATEX Zone 2 (in preparation); FM cFMus, Cl.1 Div.2 (in preparation)
Power Supply AC (100 - 240 V) or DC (20 - 30 V)
Relays 6
Digital Input/Output 2
Password Protection yes
User Interface 2 values + 2-lines, 24 characters, backlit display
Current Output 4
Service Interface USB port
Short description ISM ability
Parameters pH/ORP, DO, O2 gas (amperometric and TDL technology), conductivity, dissolved CO2
Communication no
Hazardous Area Classification ATEX Zone 2, FM CI1 Div2
Sensor Type Analog or ISM
Features and Benefits
Advanced ISM for low cost of ownership and higher reliability
  • Keep your process under control with real-time status information from the sensor for true predictive maintenance.
  • The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI) tells you when the sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Only calibrate when necessary: The Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT) monitors the time to next calibration.
Versatility thanks to mixed-mode input 
  • The M400 can input either any analog or innovative ISM sensor. You decide which sensor type is best suited for each application.
Minimized maintenance costs
  • The Plug and Measure™ feature allows measurement readiness within seconds.
  • Simplified commissioning minimizes risk of installation problems.




Application Note: BioPharma - Optical Oxygen Systems
To enable optimal growth conditions for high yield and quality in biotech processes, control of the oxygen level is essential. Maintenance or replacem...
Application Note: Self-Sufficient CO2 Production
Fermentation CO2 can be stored and used in carbonation for self-sufficiency. The required quality was obtained through in-line control with the O2 sen...
Application Note: Brewery - Optical Oxygen System
The unique combination of the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology with the optical technology opens a new level of operational safety and...

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M400 4-wire Transmitter Multi-Parameter
Hazardous Area
FM Approved


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M400 4-wire Transmitter Multi-Parameter
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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