InPro 4010 pH Probes - Low Maintenance Polymer Probes

InPro4010 pH Probes

Economical XEROLYT® polymer probe for water applications.

The InPro 4010 is a low maintenance, economical pH probe for standard processes like industrial wastewater. The InPro 4010 has an internal temperature sensor which provides accurate temperature reading and compensation in a single unit. The solid polymer electrolyte is in direct contact with the sample medium, eliminating the risk of clogging. The plastic body makes this a rugged probe with reliable performance.

Specifications - InPro4010 pH Probes
Short description XEROLYT® polymer electrolyte pH probe with temp. sensor
pH-range 2...12
Temperature range 0...60 °C (32...140 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) 2 bar/60 °C
Pressure resistance (psi) 29 psi/140 °F
Diaphragm open aperture junction
Number of diaphragms 2
Reference system Argenthal system
Silver-ion trap no
Features and Benefits
Low maintenance
  • A solid polymer electrolyte (no refilling and pressurizing of electrolyte) in direct contact with the process media via an open junction. No clogging in contaminated media due to the open junction.
Reliable measurements in heavily contaminated liquid media
  • It is particularly suitable for inlet and outflow channels, neutralization tanks, secondary settlers, aeration basins, rainwater catchments, pipes and conduits. Versions with or without built-in temperature sensor (Pt100 or Pt1000) are available. The electrode shaft material is polysulfone.
High process reliability
  • The robust, detachable VarioPin (VP) IP68 certified connector offers the hermetic advantages of fixed cable electrodes, but allows sensor disconnection without cabling complications.
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InPro4010 pH Probes
USP Class VI
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