HA405 pH Probe for High Pressure Chemical Applications

HA405-DXK-S8 pH Probe

XEROLYT® probe for high-pressure chemical applications

HA405-DXK is a pressure-resistant, low-maintenance pH-electrode for a variety of tough chemical applications.
Specifications - HA405-DXK-S8 pH Probe
Short description XEROLYT® polymer electrolyte pH electrode
pH-range 2...14
Temperature range 0...110 °C (32...230 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) 16 bar/25 °C; 6 bar/100 °C
Pressure resistance (psi) 232 psi/77 °F; 87 psi/212 °F
Diaphragm open aperture junction
Number of diaphragms 2
Reference system Argenthal system
Silver-ion trap no
Sterilizable no
Autoclavable no
ISM no

Features and Benefits

Low maintenance
  • A solid polymer electrolyte (no refilling and pressurizing of electrolyte) in direct contact with the process media via an open junction. No clogging in contaminated media due to the open junction.
Long operational electrode lifetime
  • The electrode allows reliable process control in highly demanding chemical processes, particulary suitable for protein-containing solutions, emulsions and suspensions, hot caustic solutions, sulfide-bearing media etc..
High pressure resistance
  • The electrode covers a generous pressure range and shows high resistance to process pressure fluctuations.


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HA405-DXK-S8 pH Probe
USP Class VI
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