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Trace Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensors

Trace Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensors

For accurate oxygen gas measurement

Trace Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensors

In-line amperometric sensors for trace oxygen gas measure directly in the process without the need for expensive gas sampling equipment. The maintenance requirement for the sensors is minimal and any work required can be performed without process interruption. Accurate measurement is assured due to the moisture and dust impermeable membrane covering. Hazardous area approval for the InPro6900i G makes it appropriate for challenging applications such as N2 blanketing, inertization and off-gas monitoring. The InPro6950i G, with its FDA approval, is particularly suited for brewery and food & beverage applications.


Case Studies

Flare Safety
This case study explains how Ningbo LG Yongxing Chemical Co., Ltd in China was using a paramagnetic analyzer for oxygen measurement in a flare system....
Centrifuge Safety and Productivity Case Study
Comi Condor are one of the leading suppliers of vertical continuous and horizontal centrifuges for the fine chemicals industry. It has selected METTLE...
Measuring Gas
This case study explains how Italmatch, Italy's leading supplier of performance additives for the lubricant, plastics, water and oil industries requir...
Minimizing Corrosion with Fast, Robust Gas Analysis
Find out in our success story how the GPro 500 is now providing Inovyn with: Greater process confidence, high measurement accuracy, low maintenance co...


Protection From Gas Explosion
One of the top-ten DMT producers was faced with periodic deficiencies of their oxygen measurement system for centrifuge inertization processes. The us...
In Situ Gas Analysis – Wherever It Is Required
The GPro 500 can also be used with an existing extraction system, which reduces the need for re-engineering and means expensive extraction systems are...
Ensuring Safety in Reactor and Centrifuge
Critical reaction and extraction stage in an API production process can be ensured safe with inline gas-phase oxygen sensing technology which eliminat...
Application Note: BioPharma - Optical Oxygen Systems
To enable optimal growth conditions for high yield and quality in biotech processes, control of the oxygen level is essential. Maintenance or replacem...
DO Measurement in Primary and Secondary Wastewater Treatment
Biological industrial wastewater treatment Biological processes are being more and more used to treat wastewater effluents, instead of chemical and m...


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