Inductive Conductivity Sensors - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    Inductive Conductivity Sensors

    Low maintenance sensors and meters for harsh conditions.

    Inductive Conductivity Sensors
    Inductive Conductivity Sensors

    The new InPro7250 Series of inductive conductivity meters from METTLER TOLEDO is designed for in-line measurements of conductivity/concentration levels of acids, bases and salts in liquid media. Main fields of application are in the chemical industry (CPI), pulp and paper processes, as well as monitoring industrial effluents. The design is based on an electrodeless toroidal principle (electrodeless). The sensors of the InPro7250 Series are fully compatible with METTLER TOLEDO’s "Advanced and Premium Line" transmitters offering two and four wire instruments.

    Products and Specs
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    Measurement range
    Temperature range
    ApplicationChemical and industrial effluent
    Measurement range0...2000 mS/cm
    Temperature range-20 to 100 °C (-4 to 212 °F)
    ApplicationChemical processes with higher
    temperature requirements
    Measurement range0...2000 mS/cm
    Temperature range-20 to 180 °C (-4 to 356 °F)
    ApplicationAggressive chemicals
    Measurement range0...2000 mS/cm
    Temperature range-20 °C to 125 °C (-4 to 257 °F)
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